Main Congress (Arnoma Grand Bangkok)

8.00-8.30 Registration

8.30-9.00 Opening ceremony

(Catherine The, Philippine)
(Seigo Kitano, Japan)
(Sa-ard Treepongkaruna, Thailand)

9.00-10.30 Biliary Surgery

Difficult GB

Moderator : Shridhar Iyer, Singapore

1. Can’t find CVS: What should I do? (Wifanto S Jeo, Indonesia)
2. Laparoscopic Subtotal cholecystectomy: Tips and tricks (Nan-ak Wiboonkwan, Thailand)
3. LC in Acute cholecystitis: How to make it safe? (Jan Jin Bong, Malaysia)
4. Laparoscopic surgery in Mirrizzi syndrome (Kyle Gervin Ong, Philippines)

Challenges in GB Cancer

Moderator : Tharatip Srisuk, Thailand

1. Role of Laparoscopic cystic plate cholecystectomy in GB polyps (Pholasith Sangserestid, Thailand)
2. Minimally invasive approach for gallbladder cancer (Adrian Chow, Singapore)

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-12:00 Liver Surgery 1

Master the Fundamentals in Laparoscopic Liver Surgery

Prof. Tin Tin Mar, Myanmar
Sa-ard Treepongkaruna, Thailand

1. How to master the parenchymal transection using the ultrasonic device: tips and tricks (Prof. Kuo-Hsin Chen, Taiwan)
2. Precision parenchymal transection using hepatic-vein-guided technique (Rawisak Chanwat, Thailand)
3. Laparoscopic Glissonean’s pedicle control: Tips and tricks (Asara Thepbunchonchai, Thailand)
4. ICG-Fluorescence image guide in minimally invasive liver surgery (Le Van Thanh, Vietnam)

12:00-13:00 Lunch Symposium-Medtronic

How to do hemostatic control in liver surgery
(Sa-ard Treepongkaruna, Thailand
(Wipusit Taesombat, Thailand)
(Worakitti Lapisatepun, Thailand)


13:00-14:00 Liver Surgery 2

Recent Issues and Controversy Regarding Laparoscopic/ Robotic Liver Surgery

Moderator :
Winston Woon, Singapore
Kittipong Chaiyabutr, Thailand

1. Laparoscopic liver resection in locally advanced liver tumor with vascular involvement (Prof. Kuo-Hsin Chen, Taiwan)
2. Current status of the laparoscopic donor for pediatric LT (Wipusit Taesombat, Thailand)
3. Current status of the laparoscopic donor for adult LT (Worakitti Lapisatepun, Thailand)
4. Current status and advantages of robotic liver resection (Prof. Brian Goh, Singapore)

14:00-14:30 Break

14:30-15:00 After-break session-Stryker
The usefulness of ICG-Fluorescence image for minimally invasive pancreas & biliary surgery
(Wethit Dumronggittigule, Thailand)

15:00-16:30 Pancreatic Surgery

Insights from Experts in Laparoscopic and Robotic Approaches

Moderator :
Yoong Boon Koon, Malaysia
Rapheephat Tanompetchsanga, Thailand

1. Essential anatomy for laparoscopic RAMPS in distal PDAC (Prof. Yuichi Nagakawa, Japan)
2. Technical approaches for laparoscopic DP (Koh Peng Soon, Malaysia)
3. Laparoscopic lateral pancreaticojejunostomy for pancreatic duct stones: Step by step (Tharatip Srisuk, Thailand)
4. Tips and tricks in laparoscopic SMA approach for PDAC (Prof. Yuichi Nagakawa, Japan)
5. Robotic PD: the Rachavithi experiences (Wipawee Inthasothi, Thailand)
6. Safe and efficient techniques for PJ anastomosis in the laparoscopic PD 
reconstructions phase (Tran Cong Duy Long, Vietnam)

18:00-21:00 Networking dinner

At Patamachart Bllroom 23rd FL.

Main Congress (Arnoma Grand Bangkok)

08:00-09:30 Best video session

Moderator : 
Adrian Chow, Singapore

Sunhawit Junrungsee, Thailand
Koh Peng Soon, Malaysia

9.30-10.00 Industrial session-ATK
Innovation in laparoscopic liver surgery (Paramin Muangkaew, Thailand)

10:00-10:30 Break

10:30-10:40 Case preview

Presenter : Asara Thepbunchonchai, Thailand

10:40-14:00 Liver surgeries

Moderator :
Prof. Brian Goh, Singapore
Tran Cong Duy Long, Vietnam
Tortrakoon Thongkan, Thailand
Yoong Boon Koon, Malaysia

OR 1: Laparoscopic hemihepatectomy
(Prof. Kuo-Hsin Chen, Taiwan)
OR 2: Laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy
(Prof. Yuichi Nagakawa, Japan)

Post Congress Workshop (Limited seat) (SiTEC-Siriraj hospital)

7:30 – 8:00 Registration

8:00 – 8:30: Anatomy of the pancreas: Laparoscopic anatomic view (Tortrakoon Thongkan, Thailand)

8:30 – 9:00 VDO demonstration procedure (Kittipong Chaiyabutr, Thailand)

9:00-14:00 Hands-on workshop in soft cadaver (Laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy)

Asara Thepbunchonchai         Tharatip Srisuk
Wipawee Inthasothi                 Worakitti Lapisatepun
Wipusit Taesombat                   Nan-ak Wiboonkwan
Pholasith Sangserestid             Tortrakoon Thongkan

1. Pancreatic neck dissection
2. Mobilization tail of the pancreas
3. Parenchymal transection
4. Kocher maneuver

14:00-14:30 Wrap up and closing ceremony (Sa-ard Treepongkaruna, Thailand)